If you want to save money on the cost of your move (and who doesn't?), there are many places you can do so, but beware trying to save money on your moving box supplies.
These boxes will be holding all of your worldly goods, so cheap boxes jeopardize your stuff – and the people transporting your stuff. And if you're using boxes that are of non-uniform size, they're bad when it comes to packing your truck in the most economical way possible.

NYMovers.com can help hook you up with the right materials for your New York City or New York state move. We provide you with names of vendors who give you a good price on quality products (and can even ship it overnight if you're running a bit behind…), and we also provide you packing tips to ensure you do it right, and efficiently. We also provide you a list of the most common sizes of moving boxes, so you can be sure you pick the right ones.

Packing for your move is no easy manner –it's not cheap either. Let us help you navigate this challenging part of your move so you (and your wallet) arrive safely and intact at your new home!

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