If you want to get off to college on the right foot, you will definitely have to plan your move to NYC appropriately. This all starts by locating New York Movers and packing effectively.

No matter how far they're moving, Mary Kay Shanley and Julia Johnston, authors of “Survival Secrets of College Students,” recommend that students plan ahead in advance so that the actual move-in day isn't chaotic. Shanley and Johnston have both put kids through college, and although the process of moving to college is a bit different for everyone, keep in mind that staying organized will help make your move to NYC a successful one.

 1. Make a list. 
Make a list of the essentials you will need when moving to New York. Some colleges provide a basic list of items to pack that often includes toiletries such as medications, a computer, personal items like a few pictures and clothes that is appropriate for the season. Since you will be moving to New York you will lucky enough to experience all four seasons but if you are starting school in February you can lighten your load by only packing winter items; the opposite is true if you are starting in September when the weather is mild. If your home base is very far from New York, you may want to pack for all seasons but store the extra items in a local storage facility until you need them. Also, if you know anyone that attends your college ask them what they packed with them. Learning from others' experience is a sure way to have a good moving experience.

2. Sort your belongings into piles.
According to Shanley, you should sort everything into piles before you pack. Even after you made your list and checked it twice, you should still evaluate what you are bringing with you to college. Oftentimes eager college students over pack, which not only increases the cost of your move but makes it difficult to find a place for your belongings in a small dorm room. Once you see everything in piles and not only on a sheet of paper, you can better evaluate what you need to bring.

3. Save the non-essentials for later. 
Being that your college is in NYC you will have plenty of opportunities to buy the non-essentials and often bulky items. It will be easier to buy these items in NYC than from your hometown. Some items to purchase in New York include decorative pieces such as curtains, frames, furniture, shower caddies, etc. 

4. Avoid doubling up on stuff.
Before you pack your microwave, TV and even your computer, contact your roommate to see what he or she will be bringing so that you don't double up. Maybe split the costs and purchase items together. If you don't have certain items - like a mini-fridge - consider splitting the costs or locating a second hand model after moving day.

5. Ask friends and family members to help you move.
Your friends and family members are going to be so excited that you moving to college that simply asking them for help will go a long way. Sticking with the mantra of being organized, assign people specific jobs to streamline the process. Something as simple as having someone label your boxes will go a long way - not to mention will make the unpacking process even easier.

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