How to Make Fido Feel at Home During Your NYC Move

There's a cardinal rule when moving pets to NYC: stick to routine.

If you usually walk your dog in the morning, continue to do so. If your cat always eats at the same time, make sure it sticks to that. Habits are very important to maintain the closer you get to the moving date, as well as during the move and once you are in your new NYC apartment or home.

Plan for the move. As you prepare to move, you'll also need to prepare your pet. Here's what you'll need to do to make the trip as stress-free as possible.

Make travel arrangements well in advance. Plan ahead. If you are flying to NY, reserve a space for your pet at least three to four months prior because flights have limits on how many pets they are permitted to carry. Also inquire about additional fees for bringing pets on board. If you are using NY Movers, make sure your dog has somewhere to sleep at night -- you don't want to begin searching for pet-friendly lodging after a long day's drive.

Visit your vet. Plan to a visit to your veterinarian at least one month prior your NY move to ensure your pet is in good health. While you're there, get a copy of your pet's records and make sure they're up to date.

Let your pet adjust to the car. If the big move will be your dog's first long car trip, take him on short rides such as a trip to the store or to pick up the kids from school; he'll be more comfortable come moving day.

Purchase a pet carrier. Pet carriers come in all sizes and shapes and vary in performance. To ensure your pet has a positive traveling experience, take them with you when shopping for a pet carrier. They are the best judges of what is a perfect fit.

Pack comfort items. Pets, too, have items that are comforting to them as well as those that remind them of home. Make sure that that you pack a small bag of their favorite items while in transit. This can include their favorite chew toy, snack and blanket.

Here are some tips to help with your pet carrier search.

Set a price range. Decide how much you can spare from your budget. Pet carriers usually range widely in price, depending on your pet's size and needs.

Hard or soft. If traveling by air, a hard crate is most likely necessary. However, if you plan to travel by car with a smaller dog or cat, consider a soft carrier.

Safety first. Consider if a carrier will safely transport your pet from place to place. Ask a pet expert for advice about what type of carrier is appropriate for your travel method.

Comfort. Does your pet have room to turn around or stand up in its carrier? Does it provide insulation to keep it at a constant temperature? These are all questions to ask when considering how comfortable a carrier really is.

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