Moving to NY: A Packing Plan for Your New Move

You are moving to NY! This exciting location is a non-stop destination for major businesses, cultural attractions and fine dining – surely earning its name as the city that doesn’t sleep. As you are starting to get estimates from New York movers, this is also a great time to start pack wisely for this big move. Unfortunately when moving to New York, you give up space (but living in one of the greatest cities in the world is a far trade-in), so you will have to pack efficiently, giving up items and throwing stuff out along the way. Here is your ultimate NY packing plan to get you here smoothly and stress-free.

1. De-Clutter:
We all acclimate clutter over the years, so much so that we don't even know that we are living with junk. To be fair though, it may not be junk to someone else and when you move to NY this is the perfect time to assess you belongings (and junk) in order to know what to pack, donate or toss. Start room-by-room and asking yourself: “Are these items useful?” “Do I Use Them?” or “Will I Ever Use Them Again?.” If these items are practical (and useful) such a trusty toaster oven or sweaters that you wear every season, then they should be packed into boxes. If the item such as clothes with tags that you bought five years ago or old books that you don’t like are still lingering around, you should find them a new home such as at your local Good Will or even a yard sale. Items that are questionable: old college shirts or sentimental stuffed animals that you can’t part with can be placed into storage. Locate an NY storage facility that caters to your specific needs and make arrangements with your NY moving company to drop-off these items on moving day. 

2. Obtain Boxes:
Once you know should stay and what should go, pack your belongings into sturdy boxes. You may even want to consider purchasing moving kits, whose box sizes are customized by room size, e.g.: bedroom, kitchen, etc. You may also be able to purchase boxes from your NY movers for an additional fee.

3. Label:
This innovative system will give you much-needed piece of mind, as well as operate as a clever organizational system. By simply writing: kitchen items or bedroom on your boxes, your NYC movers will know what room to unload your belongings, as well as allow you to know where to unpack. You can also take this a step further and make a list of the contents in each box. This will make it very easy for you to organize your items when you unpack.

4. Organize:
You may even find that you packed too many items, even after you de-cluttered. In these situations, you can either place more items in your NY storage facility or again, donate or toss them. After all, you're new (and likely small) NY apartment is going to get pretty crammed with belongings you don’t want. Plus, as one of the shopping capitals in the world, you are going to need room for all of the new and exciting things that you may find yourself purchasing.

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