Ask These Questions When Searching for a Roommate in NYC

Moving to New York is quite the exciting venture as you call "the greatest city in the world," your new home. However, NYC is also an expensive location where living with roommates is often the norm (at least when first starting out). Just like you researched NY movers, you have to put significant effort into finding the right person to share your space with.

Depending on living conditions, a roommate is someone you will spend a significant amount of time with, as well as share a number of responsibilities with. Even if you aren’t looking for a new BFF, it is imperative to find someone trustworthy and like-minded. Sharing a living space is a big commitment. established some general guidelines to determine compatibility. Trust us, you don't want to discover after you have unpacked your boxes that you don't gel with your roomie and have to use your New York movers twice!

Personal Questions:
Don’t be shy. This is a significant decision for all parties involved. Be comfortable asking the important questions, it is certain to help when making the final decision. Nearly no question is off limits; however, discretion may be necessary when dealing with certain personal issues such as religious or political affiliation.

  • Where are you from?
  • Where did you go to school?
  • Do you have family in New York?
  • What do you generally do on the weekends?
  • What type of music/movies do you listen to/watch most often?

Residence History:
Finding a roommate who has all of the personality traits you admire, but has a shady string of residence history may not be a good fit. To help get a better idea of a candidate’s past living situation, ask questions that get to the point.

  • How long where you at your last residence?
  • Why are you moving to NY?
  • How did you get along with your roommates?
  • What don’t you like about your last living situation?
  • What would your old roommates say about you?
  • How long did you know your past roommates prior to living with them?

Be certain to have a good understanding of the candidate’s income. As with rent, bills are a major reasonability, one you may now share with someone you just met. Ask questions regarding current and past employment.  Attempt to uncover gaps in income and determine if the candidate has the ability to pay consistently and on time. 

  • Where do you work? Do you enjoy it?
  • How long have you been there?
  • Have you ever had any issues finding work?
  • Do feel you have job security?
  • Do you have other means of income?
  • How much are you currently paying in rent and bills?
  • How is your credit standing?

This is your opportunity to get to know a candidate’s habits while at home. Generally, there are no wrong or right answers; it is all about what fits for you. These questions will help determine the kind of person you expect to live with on a day-to-day basis.

  • How often do you clean your room?
  • What is your least favorite chore?
  • Do you smoke/drink/party?
  • How often do you have guest over? How many people?
  • Do you have any food or environmental allergies?
  • Describe you housekeeping habits.
  • How much storage space do you need?
  • Do you have pets?
  • What are your sleeping habits?

In addition to topics covered in your conversation, you should pay attention to things not said. It is vital to get a “big picture” view of your potential NY roommate.

Personality Type/Conversation Style – are they introverted or outgoing? How will that fit with your personality? What is your comfort level around them? Do you mesh?
Promptness – Did they arrive or call when they said they would?
Appearance – How do they present themselves?

We hope this helped you determine your new roommate. Maybe you can start bonding during the unpacking process...

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