What Questions Should You Ask Before Renting a Moving Van or Truck?

When moving to New York, the first thing you have to consider is how are you going to get your belongings there. There is the option of using a New York moving company or you might to try to move yourself. Through this option, you would rent a moving van or truck and do all of the loading and unloading yourself (or with some friends). But before you take on this moving job, be sure to ask your moving van and truck vendor the following questions:

What size vehicle do I need?
Most New York rental agencies provide a size-guide that helps determine truck size based on the number of rooms being moved. Although general, it will help give you an idea on what size is best for you. If you are still unsure, ask the rental agency for suggestions, they should be more than willing to help. Tip: it is always better to err on the side of caution and rent a larger moving truck then potentially run out of space with a smaller one.

When will the vehicle be available?
Peak moving season in New York begins at the end of May and last through September. If you are planning to move during this time, be prepared to face potential availability issues. However, many of these issues can be avoided by calling well in advance to reserve your vehicle. Tip: remember availability will also affect pricing. Most agencies charge more during peak season, plan accordingly.

Do you offer insurance?
Rental agencies will often offer additional insurance that can cost up to $50 per day. Before agreeing to additional coverage, be sure to check with your credit card company about what built-in protection is available. Most higher-end cards offer some protection. If you do chose insurance, read the fine print carefully and do not be afraid to ask questions. Some questions to ask: Will I be protected in case of a collision? Does the coverage extend to other states and countries? What is the deductible? Does the coverage include property damage if your belongings are affected by an accident? Who is responsible in the event of theft?

What are the mileage charges?
Mileage charges are often included in the price of the vehicle rental; however, it never hurts to clarify. There are times when mileage is limited, and while the additional mileage cost may seem insignificant, it can quickly add up.

What about fuel?
When the vehicle is rented, the gas tank should be full. Likewise, when it is returned after your NY move, the gas tank should be full. If you neglect to comply, the rental company will typically charges you a higher than average prices to refuel, as you will likely be paying a service fee. If you are adding on a hitch and towing an extra vehicle, ask the rental agent how much extra you can expect to use in gas.

Will I need any additions?
Rental agencies will offer an array of moving supplies, pads and dollies. Although, many of these additions are helpful, it is up to you to determine what will be needed. Pads usually rent from about $5 for six, or $10 for 12. Dollies rent for between $7 and $12, depending on the size and destination. Dollies are a helpful tool to make your New York moving experience easier, however, depending on the situation, may not be a necessity.

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