Moving Supplies: What do you Need for Your New York Move?

As you are getting ready for your exciting NY moving experience, you should have a comprehensive checklist that, amongst other important considerations, including everything you are going to need on moving day. These may range from the -- obvious packing boxes to the not so obvious making sure you have sufficient food and drink, a writing pad (including pens), mobile phones, etc. Your New York movers should provide you will appropriate supplies and packing material. Additionally, you are going to have to compile your own specialized list of supplies for your move. Here is a list, but not necessarily a "cover every move list" - but it should set you thinking of what you will require:

1. Packaging material. The common needs will include cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, moving blankets (for fragile furniture), string, moving tape, labels, marking pens and scissors. Your mover should be able to assist you in accurately determining your needs

2. Writing paper and a clip board. Make a checklist of what you need to do, marking off your tasks throughout the day. This simple task will help you stay organized.

3. Food and drink. You will get hungry on moving day -- from directing your NY movers to doing some loading yourself, fuel in the form of food will keep you energized throughout the day. Are you planning to eat convenience food, or would you prefer something home cooked? Work out your needs in terms of cooking appliances/utensils, crockery, glasses and cutlery all of which need to be kept to one side so that they don't get packed in the confusion.

4. Medication. You need to ensure that you have everything you would normally take but, in addition, keep your aspirin, band-aids or maybe just a stand-by first-aid kit.

5. Personal toiletries. These include soap, shampoo, hand towels, and of course toilet paper.

6. Animals. Don't forget the food, water, bedding for your pets. You may also need medication, depending on your animals needs.

7. Suitcases for your personal items. A small suitcase for some of your personal items like your clothing, jewelry and important documents should be with you when you travel and not packed on a moving truck.

8. Telephone/mobile phone. Make sure that you have some way of contacting your New York moving company in order to know where they are and their progress to your new home or apartment. Keep your laptop handy, too, and make sure you have the battery chargers handy.

9. Cleaning materials for both old and new addresses. Yes, with moving comes cleaning. Cleaning your old home is a given and a necessity. You new home may also be a dusty, so make sure to bring your trusty sponge and some cleaning materials.

10. Maps and travel documents for the journey. Even though you may know the route to your new place, being prepared with a map is never a bad thing.

11. Keys for entry and exit, including remote control gadgets. Don't forget access codes for any new security systems.

Being prepared is well worth the effort when it comes to moving to New York City. Meeting your needs in terms of supplies is an important consideration with any move. Last but certainly not least, do not forget cash for anything unexpected and make sure your own transport has more than enough fuel to get you from your old home to your new NYC apartment.

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