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New York Self Storage Providers
If you've made the big dip into the Big Apple, it's likely that your apartment is slightly bigger than a small shoebox, so you'll need storage. Most city-dwellers use it, as they find that their amount of belongings exceeds the space at their home to store it.

That's where self-storage comes in. It's different from storage provided by moving companies, as the name implies: You do it yourself. You rent a truck (or find a facility that offers to provide a truck to pick up your stuff), load the truck, and then unload it at a storage facility.

When you need access to your stuff, you simply visit the storage facility, and when you no longer need storage, you rinse and repeat – rent a truck and pick up your stuff out of storage.

Some things to keep in mind when looking for self-storage: look for special deals, including facilities that don't charge for the first month (be sure to ask); be sure it's in a part of town you feel safe visiting; and make sure the facility is secure so that you're not the victim of theft.

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